i never should have asked for black leather

I just got these from Urban Outfitters.  The bag was $ 68.00, which isn't bad considering it's very versatile and I'll get a lot of use out of it year round.  The jacket was originally $ 138.00 but I got it on sale for $10!!!  I couldn't believe my luck!  I've been looking for the perfect leather jacket for ages.  I don't know if you know this, but it's actually really hard to find a good leather jacket.  But I finally found mine.  It's good quality and it was dirt cheap (this is why I love the sale rack)!  I like how to sleeves are half leather and half cotton.  It makes the jacket even more interesting than it already is.  The great thing about this jacket is that you can really dress it up or just wear it casual.  I mean, how great would it look over a white lace dress (which I found online, by the way, and I am waiting for it to become available in my size.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!).  On the flip side, you can totally wear this everyday over jeans or leggings.  It's honestly perfect.  I'm really so happy with my jacket and bag!  And you can never have enough leather, right? ;)


  1. Nice!
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  2. These are lovely buys! Wish my local UO would have lovely bargains such as these.


  3. Wow, how cheap? Great bargain!
    Love this blog!
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  4. great buys! love that bag!;)


  5. WHAT!!!? I thought my deal was great, but a cute leather jacket from UO, ten bucks??? can't beat that. It makes it seem like you hardly paid anything for the bag too!

    ahhhhhhh love bargain shopping ;)

    + thanks for visiting my blog btw dear! I'm definitely coming back!