Uffa, what a day!

I'll start from the beginning.  My mother woke me up at 8:15 for work, even though work doesn't start at 10:00.  My mother, you see, has very specific tactics for getting a person out of bed.  Her methods?  Scream.  Loudly.  Normally, I wake up at 8:30/8:45ish.  I understand that complaining about fifteen minutes makes me sound like a complete and utter bitch, but, hey, fifteen minutes is sometimes necessary.  This is coming from someone who woke up at 5:30 everyday to go to school, so I've paid my dues and I've earned those fifteen minutes.

Anyway, my day.

Alright, so I'm up.  Make a latte.  Read a little.  Get dressed.  Off to work.

Work has to be the biggest pain in the ass ever.  It sucks that I get paid well, otherwise I would have no reason to drag myself to the office everyday and slave around for everyone else.  I can't even say I hate work because it gives me an excuse to get out of the house.  There is nothing I hate more than being stuck inside the house for more than an hour.  My tasks at work are fairly simple but extremely annoying.  I make appointments, file papers, write letters, make wills/powers of attorneys/other legal documents, send mail, get coffee, answer the phone, etc.  Lately, some tax thing came up and my boss wants to inform all his clients about it.  This is murder in some form, I assure you.  I have to make letters and envelopes for every single one of my boss' clients and, trust me, there are a shitload.  Today's total: 68 letters.  I thought I was going to kill myself, I kid you not.  Not to mention, I'm also retarded because only I can manage to cut my lip licking an envelope.  But that's not even the worst part about letters.  After you make the letter, you have to file a copy.  Filing is balls.  It's torture.  For any of you who have filed papers at some point in your life, I'm sure you feel my pain.

The worst part, however, came when I realized that I couldn't watch the soccer game because of work.  Thank God for twitter is all I can say!  Lucky for me, I get updates straight to my phone, although, I might have been better off not getting anything because Italy lost.  Really, Italy?  Champions of the world and you can't even make it past the first round.  World class my ass.  I'm honestly really pissed off about that.  No offense to Paraguay or anything, but how the hell did they manage to move on?!  And Slovakia?  Goddamn.  Do they even have soccer stadiums in these countries?  Okay, that was mean, but you get my frustration!  Italy played like crap, in all honesty, and they honestly don't deserve to move on.  I really hope the Italians throw tomatoes at them when they get home.  It really is so embarassing.  And, not to mention, I'm sh*tting bullets for the Spain game tomorrow!  Spain has my heart as far as soccer goes and, even though I think they have the potential to beat Chile, Chile has been doing really well while Spain has only been doing okay.  It's so nervewracking and I really don't want to wait to see the game.  I want to know now!  I'm literally going to be dying at work as I wait for 2:30 to roll around.  Do I think Spain will win the World Cup?  Honestly, no.  I'd love it if they did, but I think either Argentina, Germany, or Brazil (ew) are going to claim the gold this year.

Today is also my mother's birthday.  I won't reveal her age though (hehe).  I got her a bottle of Bulgari perfume (it's called Blue II, I think) and a bracelet.  I told my dad to bring home some cake and pastries for her, and he said he would.  I have yet to give her her gift though.  As far as she's concerned, she didn't get anything.  Sneaky, sneaky me.  :)  Of course, she's know using her birthday as an excuse for me to iron the clothes and clean the house.  This would be, according to her, a "birthday gift."  Pfffffffft.  Yeah, okay, mom.  I'll do it this time, just because I'm feeling extra sugery nice today (that's a lie, by the way; I'm really not). 

On the plus side, my jeans feel like a canoe on me.  They are super loose!  Hoorah!  That's always good news...to me, anyway.

Anyway, I am off to slave around the house!  And I'm curious to know: are you World Cup fans?  Who are you rooting for?

au revoir for now,


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  1. I wish Twitter existed for the phone when I had my office job. It was a full time position and so boring :( that would have helped me a lot. I feel your pain. ;)

    Happy Birthday to your MOM!