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Hi guys! I wanted to share something with you, something that I, personally, find very interesting. Now, I guess I'll start off by saying that I'm not particularly suspicious, but, from time to time, I tend to believe in things like wishes and tarot and whatever.

Brazilets are a 200 year old tradition from Bahia, Brazil. The bracelets, which are 47 centimeters long, are said to bring good luck as well as the completion of three wishes. When you get your brazilet, you are supposed to tie it around you wrist and secure it with three knots, making one wish for each knot. When the bracelet naturally falls off, it is said that your wishes will come true. The bracelet says "Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia" or, "In remembrance of our patron saint good luck in life."

Brazilets come in a bunch of colors. I have one in red and I just ordered another one in mango. Each brazilet is $5.00 and 20% of that ($1.00) goes to Plant a Billion Trees.

I really like brazilets. You can buy one for $5.00, as I said before, or a whole pack for $70.00. The colors they come in are ruby, black, white, mango, sunflower, iris, leaf green, light pink, ocean, chocolate, lime, flamingo, and turquoise. They make for great gifts to.  They come with a cute little sheet as well so that you can write down your three wishes.  I'm generally not that superstitious, but I do believe in the wishes coming true with brazilets. I think they're a really great accessory to have. Plus, it's not something that many people have, so you'll certainly stand out with it. I was reading through on Kael Robinson's blog and she talked about the magnificent church in Bahia whose gates are covered with Brazilets. People really believe in this. It's a huge thing in Brazil. That's what's really cool about them; you can connect to a new culture through means of accessory, and isn't that what fashion is all about anyway?

The color of the brazilet, in case you were wondering, is totally subjective.  There are certain symbolisms attached to each color, but the color you choose is dependent on your style.  Like, let's say you were wishing for money.  Even though green is the universal color for money, you don't have to purchase the green brazilet for it.  Personally, I think it's just fun to read through the symbolisms that they have.  Here is what they said about my ruby brazilet and my mango brazilet (I obviously purchased red and mango because they are the colors of Spain.  Just kidding =])

"Ruby red is associated with strength, power, determination. It is an emotionally charged color that is symbolic of passion, desire, and love.

Red gets noticed. It is not subtle; it does not hide. It bears forward unthwarted and inspired. It stands for important things and calls attention to these items. It is bold, striking and intense.

Ruby Brazilets put passion and intensity at the forefront of your wish list. They remind you of the power that drives your desires and the strength and determination that bring your dreams to fruition. Share Ruby Brazilets with friends and loved ones who need a spark of fire and drive. Show them that their dreams and wishes are important to you."

"Juicy, sunshine and a full body wake up are associated with the this tropical color. Recognized as a tonic for the soul this healthful color is associated with joy, enthusiasm, determination, encouragement and success. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain is said to increase immunity and sexual energy. It is a creative, exhuberant color that artfully blends the fire of red and the joyfullness of yellow.

The warm color symbolizes the needs of the physical body making Mango Brazilets a wonderful gift to friends and family who need a mental pick-me-up or a shot of creativity and detemination. Wrap a Mango Brazilet around your wrist to remind yourself that joy, excitment and success belong to everyone. Wear it on your wrist alone or in combination with other Brazilets."

So, what do you think? Will you be purchasing a brazilet? If so, what color?

You can purchase brazilets at http://www.brazilets.com/

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