new findings

black machinery dress by Rumi Neely
sweet hitchhiker by Erin Wasson


I'm sorry for the lack of updates I've had. I've been so caught up with the World Cup, but even that is ending in a week. All my predictions were right, by the way! I know I posted Argentina in first, but, literally, the next day, I changed my mind to Germany. So, long behold, I was correct with the top four and I believe the order of placement will ring true at the end.

Fashion wise...

I guess I've been living under a rock these past months because I had no idea Erin Wasson designed for RVCA! I mean, I think I remember reading about it somewhere a while ago, but it completely slipped my mind. I like the shirts a lot in her spring/summer collection. I like the fluidity of them and the looseness. I mean, I'm not sure if she did, but it seems like she played off the idea of a summer breeze. And, personally, I like loose clothing in the summer. It's very reminiscent of Europe, I believe. I like the loose clothes during the day and the tighter, more scandalous ones at night.

And I am obsessed with the Machinery Dress designed by Rumi Neely at fashiontoast.com! Want it!

Check out the collections here: http://shop.rvca.com

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  1. I want that Rumi dress a stupid amount - ship to the Uk please?!